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Gathering all the gear needed to play lacrosse can be a challenge.  Brookside Lacrosse is committed to making the game more accessible.  In addition to our helmet program and affordable equipment station we want to offer more ways to get your child involved. 


“Lacrosse Friends Stick Together!"


When one friend invites another to join the club they will both receive significant discounts.  If a child does not know a current player on the club they can recruit a friend and both join together!  These discounts can be combined with multi-children family discounts and early bird discounts. Below are the discounts decucted from 2018 dues.   It's approximatly 50% off for the new player and 30% off for the returning player.







New Player Discount off Dues

Returning/Friend Player Discount 

Boys 14U & Girls 5th-8th



Boys 12U & 11U



Boys 10U/9U/8U & Girls 3rd/4th




So if two new players want to join together they both will receive the “New Player Discount”.  Returning players can receive their discount when they invite a friend, limit one per returning player.  When registering you will enter the name of your friend to receive the discount.   Then your friend, the new player, will enter your name when he or she registers.  See!  Lacrosse Friends Stick Together!  (Pun intended)


1/7/2018 Update - To clarify, the two friends joining must name each other in the registration.  They don't nessessarily have to register at exactly the same time but within a few days of each other would be helpful.  It cannot be a friend chain so Tom cannot claim Bill then Bill claims Joe etc.  If there are three friends joining one of them needs to recruit another friend.  We're doing this 2 by 2.  Thanks for understaning.