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This page will answer some basic questions specific to our boys' program.


The first thing that comes to many parents mind when you hear lacrosse is "expensive" but that's not necessarily true.   Brookside Lacrosse is committed to making the game accessible to everyone.  Relative to many other sports (baseball or soccer) lacrosse is competitively priced for those wanting to try the sport.   Before we add in our "Lacrosse Friends Stick Together" promotional discounts here is what you can expect to get a new player ready:






Annual US Lacrosse Dues 

-Includes magazine and insurance



Reversible Practice Pennie



Game Shorts



Protective Pads (Shoulder, Arm, Glove)*









Total before Brookside dues:



Brookside dues with Early Bird & New Players Discounts







So for roughly $100 for boys in the 6th grade and younger to get started and roughly $150 for boys 6th-8th.  The US Lacrosse dues are also a requirement for many summer camps/clinics and fall/winter leagues.  The other equipment should last for several years.  The practice pennie and shorts should last for several years as well. 


*Protective pads and stick can be purchased at our equipment station at Team Work Sports, 310 W. 80th St.  Another great source for used equipment is Play It Again Sports in OP, KS.  You may want to buy a new stick at Dick's but you can stick to (pardon the pun) to the entry-level sticks priced around $35 to $40.  We usually will have some good used sticks at Team Work Sports too but they are limited.  If your son decides that lacrosse is not for them after his first season, you can sell the equipment back or donate them back to the club.  Many times you can also find equipment from past players if you ask around.  We also encourage past players to post their used equipment on our exchange page.


**Brookside Lacrosse Helmet Program - We have a limited number of helmets to loan out to new players.   They are brand new, top of the line lacrosse, custom color helmets.  See them with this link:  BKS HELMETS.  To qualify, your player must be in their first season of KCYLL lacrosse.  When we run out of the custom helmets we have entry level helmets as well. Returning players can also buy the BKS helmets for $150.  We will also buy these helmets back for $100 if well maintained when they graduate to HS.   So your real cost when purchasing is $50 if you sell back.



We have a new program which significantly discounts the dues for new and returning players.  It’s called “Lacrosse Friends Stick Together!”.  This is in addition to discounts for early-bird registration and multi-child.  For more details on this, click this link:  LACROSSE FRIENDS STICK TOGETHER.



For more details on the boys rules use the link below.  Keep in mind that KCYLL 11U will play by 12U rules with 7v7 format.  Our 9U will play by 10U format.  https://www.uslacrosse.org/sites/default/files/public/documents/rules/2018-Boys-Youth-Rulebook.pdf



For 14U & 12U and up we reserve the right to ask your child to use an attack/midfield stick if they have bought a defensive long pole. We also reserve the right to trim down the d-pole.  And if the player is good enough to handle a d-pole in 12U we will likely ask him to play in 14U.  


For 11U and below we will not allow the use of defensive poles.  In 11U and below players are allowed to use a shorter stick than the standard 40” stick.  You can trim down the stick to 37” from the top of the head to the butt end.  Even though this is only 3”, it helps with development.  It is also a good idea to use a thinner girls shaft with an adapter to fit it in a boys head.  We have some of these shafts for $10 at Teamwork sports.